Vodafone Opened an Online Store

In particular, Vodafone offers smartphones and accessories to them, laptops, tablets, gadgets, e-books, network equipment, various settings packages for smartphones, as well as goods and services of the operator. Continue reading


Instruction for Those Who Want to Become a Programmer From Scratch

The crisis forces many to change jobs or even completely change their specialty. One has to learn new skills and professions. An excellent choice, in this case, can be the profession of a programmer. It’s interesting, comfortable and profitable. In this article, we will try to answer the question of how to build a programmer’s career from scratch.

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Classes in the object-oriented programming

All coins in the previous example belong to the same class of objects (it is linked to their similarity). The nominal value of the coin, the metal of which it is made, the form – the attributes of the class. The set of attributes and attribute values characterize the object. Along with the term “attribute” is often use the terms “property” and “field”, which in the object-oriented programming are synonymous. Continue reading

Behavior in the object-oriented programming

gift-special-days-friend-gift-gift-ideas-christmas-gift-creative-christmas-gift-ideas-for-grandparents-creative-inexpensive-christmas-gift-ideascreative-do-it-yourself-christmas-gift-ideascreatiFor each object, there is a certain set of actions that can be done with it. For example, the possible actions with some PC file operating system:

  • create;
  • Open;
  • read from the file;
  • write to the file;
  • close;
  • delete.

The result of the action depends on the state of the object at the time of the action, i.e., cannot, for example, delete a file if it is opened by anyone (locked). At the same time actions can change the internal state of the object – when you open or close the file property “open” takes the value “yes” or “no”, respectively. Continue reading

Conditions in the object-oriented programming

blocks_lego_oopConsider an example. Anyone can be in a position (state): stand, sit, lie, and – at the same time to make any action.

For example, a person can jump, if it is, and can not – if it is, for this he must first stand up. Also, object-oriented programming object state may be determined by the presence or absence of links between the simulated object and other objects. In more detail all the possible relationships between objects will be discussed in the section “Types of relations between classes.”
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Objects in the object-oriented programming

oopBy definition, we call the object of the concept, an abstraction, or any object with clearly defined boundaries that makes sense in the context of these application problems. The Introduction of objects has two objectives:

  • Understanding of the application of (the problem);
  • The introduction of a framework for implementation at the computer.

Each object has a certain lifetime. During the program, or the operation of a real system, can create new objects and existing destroyed. Continue reading

The Methodology of Object-Oriented Programming

Increasing the size of the program has led to the need to attract more developers, which, in turn, requires additional resources for the organization of their coordinated work. In the process of application development customer often changes the functional requirements, which further complicates the process of creating custom software development.

However, not least, we provide quality changes associated with the use of computers by a shift. In the era of “big machines”, major software consumers were the major customers, as large manufacturing companies, financial companies, government agencies. The cost of such computing devices for small businesses and organizations was too high. Continue reading